The Jaguars Lay an Egg in New York

A week after the Jaguars played a strong game; Jacksonville could not play any worse than what they did on Sunday against the New York Jets, losing 32 to 3. Luke McCown played so poorly, that he even made Ryan Leaf look good on his bad days, which were just about all of the games he played in. The Jets led the game off with a touchdown drive that culminated in a nice touchdown catch by Santonio Holmes from Mark Sanchez.

McCown ended up throwing four interceptions, on a day where he could have thrown two more had the Jets defensive backs had better hands. Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jaguars defense played about as well as could be expected when the starting quarterback decides to do everything in his power to force the opposition to win. Blaine Gabbert did make an appearance in this game playing decent enough where he might force his way into the lineup next week against the Panthers.

Even though the Jaguars got their teeth kicked in on Sunday, they are still 1-1 and definitely have a chance next week against the 0-2 Carolina Panthers. If Gabbert is not starting Sunday expect a very quick leash on McCown.

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