New Quarterback, Same Result

Blaine Gabbert received his first start in the NFL this Sunday, at the Carolina Panthers after Josh McCown had worn out his welcome, deservedly so. The Jaguars were not able to come away with a win, but they did see dramatic improvement out of their quarterback position. Gabbert was unable to get the win, losing 16 to 10, but he looked markedly better than the veteran McCown, who really is nothing more than veteran at losing games.

The game featured moments of torrential downpour, dense fog, and all of it being played on an extremely soggy field. In spite of these conditions Gabbert did play reasonably well for his debut completing 12 of 21 passes for 139 yards including a touchdown and an interception.

The beginning of the game was eerily similar to last week’s debacle in New York with Gabbert getting sacked in the end zone for a safety; however the Jaguars fought back, with the aid of Maurice Jones-Drew who had another good game rushing for 122 yards on 24 carries. Jacksonville led for most of the game, but were unable to close it out.

Jacksonville’s defense played a very strong game, but they were not able to stop the Cam Newton led Panthers late in the fourth quarter, and gave up a go ahead touchdown with two minutes and change left on the clock.

The Jaguars go back home to face the extremely dangerous New Orleans Saints, who despite having a terrific offense, do have deficiencies on defense. It will be interesting to see if Gabbert can take advantage of these weaknesses in his second start.

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