Jaguars Lose in Miserable Fashion 30-20

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been finding ways to lose each and every week, and this past Sunday was no different. The Jaguars played well up until the end of the fourth quarter, when the wheels fell off and the car crashed and burned.

Maurice Jones-Drew got the Jaguars on the board early when he bowled over several Bengal defenders and found his way into the end zone for the early 7 nothing lead. The Bengals struck right back when Andy Dalton hit AJ Green on a 37 yard touchdown pass.

After two field goals by the Jags, and a touchdown with a missed PAT by the Bengals, the two teams went into the half tied at 13.

Midway through the fourth quarter Gabbert found receiver Jason Hill deep for a 74 yard touchdown pass, to put the Jaguars up 20-16. This was when all that can go wrong, did go wrong.

After a defensive stand by the Jags, the offense got the ball back on their own two yard line. Playing it safe they were unable to convert a first down and were forced to punt.  The veteran Matt Turk hit one of the worst punts you will ever see. The punt traveled 22 yards and gave the Bengals perfect position to take the lead, which they with a touchdown by Bernard Scott.

Jacksonville went on to lose 30-20 and will travel to Pittsburgh next week, a game that will be almost impossible for a rookie quarterback to win.

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