Jacksonville Wins 17-13 in Unimpressive Fashion

If the Jaguars had lost this game to the (0-10) Colts it would have been a bigger story than them winning. Both offenses in this game have struggled all season long, and outside of Maurice Jones-Drew Jacksonville does not have an offensive player who would start on any other team in the NFL, except maybe the Colts.

One thing that cannot go unnoticed, is that although the Indianapolis offense is totally inept, the Jaguars defense is pretty darn good, and has been so all season long. Without their defense the Jaguars may have very well been without a win coming into this game as well. Outside of the defense, Maurice Jones-Drew is having another very good season rushing for 114 yards and a touchdown against the Colts, making it 854 yards on the year so far for him.

Even though it is his rookie year, Blaine Gabbert has shown absolutely no progression at all so far this season. His play is identical to the first couple of starts he has made this season. Is that something the front office is going to worry about, who knows, but it is something to take note of.

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