Monday Night Nightmare for Jacksonville

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to try to forget the beginning of the new era for their organization, after they were gashed by the San Diego Chargers 38-14. After the Jaguars fell behind 10-0 in the first quarter, they were able to fight back and take the lead in the second quarter 14-0 after two touchdown passes by Blaine Gabbert.

With 2:32 left on the board the Chargers were able to score two touchdowns and retake the lead 24-14. Scoring those two touchdowns in less than 90 seconds broke the backs of the Jaguars players. Jacksonville is defintiely not built to play in a high scoring game, so when the defense fails to keep the opponent under 20 points Jacksonville’s chances of winning drop dramatically.

Jacksonville was not able to put anything together offensively in the second half, and fell to the Chargers quietly. The only player on the Jaguars worth noting was Maurice Jones-Drew, who continues to be one of the best runningbacks in the league, although he plays on a horrendous team. Jones-Drew finished with over 90 yards both rushing and receiving including a touchdown.

The Jaguars will hope to see some improvement out of their young QB, Gabbert in the final four games, or they may actually have to think of taking one of the many highly touted quarterbacks in the draft. You would expect Jacksonville to play hard down the stretch as many of the current players will be playing for a position on the team next year when the new regime comes in.

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