Gabbert Looks Poor Again in Loss

When Blaine Gabbert replaced Luke McCown at quarterback earlier this season it was important for the franchise to see some production and development out of their first round pick from Missouri. So far any sort of production out of Gabbert as been minimal, and development even less so. It is pretty clear that outside of Maurice Jones-Drew the Jaguars lack any sort of talent on offense, however it would give the franchise a decisive direction of the future had he played reasonably well. However, Gabbert has failed to give anyone within the organization much confidence.

The Titans were playing for their playoff lives, so it was going to be no easy task for the sorry Jacksonville Jaguars to beat them on the road. After Tennessee had jumped out to a 10-0 lead, Jacksonville was left fighting back the for the rest of the game. The Jaguars struck back with a touchdown by Maurice Jones-Drew, who finished the game with 103 yards on 24 carries, and currently leads the league in rushing. Jones-Drew has been one of the most consistently good running backs over the last five years, and is actually underrated because he plays on losing teams.

Jacksonville was able to keep the game within 7 going into the half, but they were not able to produce anything offensively in the second half. The only score came after a costly Tennessee fumble that gave the Jaguars a short field. At 4-11 the Jaguars head into their last game of the season against the lowly Indianapolis Colts who have actually been the winners of two in a row after losing 13 straight.

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