Can Blaine Gabbert Put it Together

Photo by Karl Anderson/Icon SMI

If you don’t recall, in mid-June, Ron Jaworski rated the Jaguars starting quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, as the 29th best (or third worst) starting quarterback in the NFL. If you watch the video of the evaluation (video is below), you can’t help but wonder if Gabbert will be able to put everything together and consistently play well. Last year, we only saw glimpses of what he is able to do, and if he can learn to be more fearless in the pocket and not be afraid to get hit, he can certainly develop into the player that the Jaguars were hoping to get when they selected him 10th overall in the 2011 NFL Draft.

In the following video, you will see a lot of ugly low-lights from Blaine Gabbert. The way he folded when under pressure makes us wonder if he will just become another David Carr, or if he will be able to toughen up. Teaching a quarterback technique isn’t too difficult, teaching a quarterback to not be afraid of contact is something completely different, and it’s something that Gabbert will need to learn to do on his own. However, some better blocking certainly wouldn’t hurt his development.

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