Improving Jaguars Team will have Tough Matchup Against Texans

Coming off a close but losing effort against an equally subpar Minnesota Vikings, the Jacksonville Jaguars are in dire need of a win in week 2 of this season.  Unfortunately, they have to play a Houston Texans team that look like they are on their way to the Super Bowl this year.  While the Jaguars look like they have little to no chance of winning this week, or even covering the spread for that matter, a good game from Blaine Gabbert and Maurice Jones-Drew may be enough for them to make the game competitive.

Blaine Gabbert is by no means an elite quarterback in the NFL.  Some would argue that he was one of the worst at the QB position all last year.  That being said, he has improved over the off season and empresses some with his performance against the VIkings last Sunday.  He threw for 260 yards and had two touchdowns when everything was said and done.  It was not enough to help them beat Minnesota, but it was a step in the right direction.  If he can continue to maintain this level of play, the Jaguars may be able to grab one of those coveted AFC wild card spots.  He is unproven, however, so he could go back to his losing ways this week.  Only time will tell.

One player on the Jaguars that is proven is Maurice Jones-Drew.  He is one of the few running backs in the league that does not split carries, and for good reason.  he is a beast that can run all over a defensive front seven.  He has a tough job ahead of him with the tremendous Texans D, but he seems up to the challenge.  Especially since he just recently signed a new deal with the team.  He will need to prove to his peers why he deserves the new contract he signed.

These two players coming together and making a game out of it on Sunday is the only way the Jaguars will have a chance.  The Texans look too good though, so I think that you should be making your NFL odds.

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