Jacksonville Loses Again In Week 4

It’s dark times for Jacksonville Jaguars fans, as the team looks to be in the midst of yet another losing season.  They are 0-4 on the season after a decisive loss to a game Cincinnati Bengals in week 4 that saw them give up 27 points while only managing 10 on the day.  They will need to get things going on both offense and defense if they want to starting getting on the track towards a playoff run in 2012.

Starting with their defense, the Jaguars have been improving from week to week, if only slightly.  They have been able to get some turnovers and not allow as many points as in years past.  This just is not good enough, though, if they want to be contenders for one of the wild card spots in the AFC.  There are plenty of teams going for those spots, so the Jacksonville defense will need to step it up if they want to even remotely look like a threat this year.

They will need quarterback Blaine Gabbert to step it up a notch as well in the coming games.  He does not look as bad as last year in his rookie season, but still is not on the level of most quarterbacks in the league.  He only threw for 186 trades against the Bengals with a touchdown and a turnover.  While he does not have many targets he can go to, he will need to make it work if he does not want to be looking for a job this time next year.  Getting some check downs to running back Maurice Jone Drew could be what he needs to get the confidence to start going to his other receivers on a more constant basis.

All things considered, the Jaguars are always going to be a risky bet as one of your NFL picks. This week is no different, as they will be taking on the Chicago Bears at only a +4 points spread.  Take them if you want, but it may coming back to haunt you at week’s end.

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