Jacksonville Jaguars: What Happened During the Bye Week


Photo by: John Sommers/Icon SMI

We would like to start this post by congratulating the Jacksonville Jaguars for not getting a loss on Sunday, which sadly is one of the better perks of having a Bye week for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Because there was no game during week six for the Jaguars, we will take time today look into the rest of the AFC South and see how they fared this week, and we will discuss the devastating loss delivered to the Jaguars week seven opponent, the Oakland Raiders.

So, how did the Jaguars division rivals play during week six? We all know about the Titans upset victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers that occurred on Thursday night, and that would also be the only victory from an AFC South team during week six. The Texans and Colts both lost their games pretty badly. The Colts played at 1:00pm EST and were demolished by a motivated New York Jets squad. They didn’t score any touchdowns, and they were unable to stop Shonn Green who just had his way with the Colts when running the ball. For the Texans, they also struggled on the defensive end, but they were victims of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers aerial attack. Rodgers threw six touchdowns and no interceptions, and the Packers were able to limit Foster to only 29 yards on 17 carries. However, that was only the Texans first loss, and it looks like they are running away with the division.

Another game that interested us and the Jacksonville Jaguars was the Raiders vs. Falcons game. The Raiders played a great game and lost by 3-points, which came on a game winning field goal from Matt Bryant. The Raiders were fighting to try and turn their season around, but came up short in the end, and that is a loss that likely devastated and demoralized the Oakland Raiders. The Jacksonville Jaguars will need to exploit that next week by trying to hit some big plays early and potentially running away with the game. But this is the Jaguars we are talking about, it is never that easy and will likely be a close game that will come down to the end. Check back later this week for our in-depth game preview of the Jaguars vs. Raiders game.

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