Jaguars Can’t Stop Leshoure in 14-31 Defeat

The Jacksonville Jaguars were embarrassed by the Detroit Lions on Sunday in a 14-31 defeat, and are now 1-7. But please don’t let the 14 points trick you either; the Jaguars two touchdowns came in the fourth quarter when the game was already out of hand. The Jaguars managed to prevent the Lions from scoring in the first quarter by forcing a punt and watching Jason Hanson miss a 47 yard field goal. However, the Jaguars did nothing the entire game until the fourth quarter, so they didn’t capitalize on the Lions early struggles.

After two failed attempts to score, the Lions then unleashed Mikel Leshoure on the Jaguars, and he bullied his way into the end zone three times for the Lions. Additionally, the Jaguars had no answer for Matthew Stafford and his group of receivers, allowing them to complete 22 of their 33 pass attempts.

If there is anything positive to take away from the game for the Jaguars, I would say the play of Blaine Gabbert was a positive. Aside from his two late game interceptions, he did complete 27 of his 38 attempts, but he needs help. Maurice Jones-Drew is sourly missed, and whether or not he would have been enough to help the Jaguars win, he at least would have helped made the game watchable.

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