Jaguars vs. Titans: Game Preview

The Jacksonville Jaguars with one of the worst records in the NFL at 1-9 in the season are coming into today’s game desperate for a win. They will be facing the Tennessee Titans, their AFC South rivals in their first encounter of the season.

Chad Henne will be starting in the QB position due to a season ending injury to 1st choice QB Blaine Gabbert. Coach Mularkey was impressed with Henne’s performance in last Sunday’s loss against the Houston Texans, which saw him throw for 354 yards, completed 16 of 33 passes, and four touchdowns.

If the Jaguars expect anything out of today’s game, both the offense and defense will have to make major improvements and leave everything on the field. Although, the forced the Texans into overtime last week, the Jaguars offense is one of the worst in the league. The defense is also not much better as they have struggled most of the season, most recently in last week’s let-down against the Texans. The defense allowed record 39 first downs and 640 yards, and allowed the Texans to catch up with them from 34-20, and eventually win the game.

If the Jaguars expect to win today’s game, the offense will have to hold their own, and not squander any lead as they have done in previous games this season.

Game Details:
Date: 11/24/2012
Time: 1:00pm EST
Stadium: EverBank Field
TV Broadcast: CBS

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