Future betting tips on the top NFL teams

The best tip that you can get on future betting on the top NFL teams is to do your homework, and do it well. Future bets are long term bets on how the NFL teams and individual players will perform over the season, either the regular season or right through the play-offs and onwards to the Superbowl. These long term bets are very difficult to select, and very difficult to value. However, if you are willing to do the work, then you should be able to find some good bets that will make you money.

Another great tip is to avoid making future bets on your favorite team or favorite players. If they are popular players and teams, then it is unlikely that you will find reasonable odds as everyone will be betting on them, and you will be betting with your emotions rather than with your rational mind; a pit into which professional sports betters never fall. What you should do is look for betting opportunities that others have failed to spot, concentrating on the less popular teams that filed to do well last season, but because of things that have happened subsequently are now looking good.

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