First Reaction — Jaguars lose 41-10

The one phrase you heard even more than “put Bortles in” was…….you guessed it — “another sack by the Redskins defense.”

The Washington Redskins had 10 sacks on the day and that doesn’t even begin to show the dominant effort put forth by their defense.  Here are a couple of other stats for you:

  • Total yards by Jaguar’s offense — 148 (123 yards passing and 25 yards rushing)
  • Jaguars ran 48 plays for the whole game (compared to 81 for the Redskins) — This includes five 4 & outs
  • Jaguars got 4 first downs (2 on penalties)
  • Jaguars leading rusher was Chad Henne with 17 yards — team averaged 2.5 yards per carry and Gerhart finished with 7 carries for 8 yards
  • Average yards gained per play — 3.1 (FYI, that does not equal a first down on 3 plays)

It was like watching a major college team playing one of those cupcake teams in the beginning of the season.  There is no other way to describe it.  The Jaguars looked mismatched in every phase of the game.  No matter what the excuse is, it looks like the first half of last season all over again.  Where do you go from here?



OFFENSE — F      The pass to Marcedes Lewis was the only positive spot on this side of the ball.  Henne had time to pass (on that play) and it was thrown to a spot only Marcedes could catch it.  It all starts with the O-line and they could not handle what was coming.  I am looking to see a new starting Center before this weeks game.

DEFENSE — F     I am not 100% sure if it was more the ineffectiveness of the offense keeping a tired Jags defense on the field or if it was a ton of missed assignments.  I know the presence of Jonathan Cyprien was missed.  Tight End (TE) Niles Paul caught 8 balls for 99 yards and a TD, most of these routes being over the middle.  The middle third of the Jags defense just could not keep up and the front 7 as a group allowed 191 yards rushing on 42 carries (4.5 per play) with three rushing touchdowns.  The lone bright spot for the defense, if you can call it that, was Josh Evans getting a career high 14 tackles playing in place of Cyprien.  It helps when the Redskins running backs are getting past the second level, though.

SPECIAL TEAMS — D      Bryan Anger punted 8 times (not a typo) with a 47.9 average and 2 inside the 20.  The coverage on punts was decent until the first possession of the 2nd half when Andre Roberts took an Anger punt and returned it for 37 yards.  Josh Scobee made a 36 yard field goal with no issues.  At the time it did not make sense, maybe the coaching staff wanted to see if the field goal unit could still work after last weeks blocked field goal.


I know.  Everyone wants Bortles to start.  I want Bortles to start.  With the offense not doing anything today, everyone wanted to put Bortles in.  I know.

What is the coaching staff thinking?  Here is my thought (not saying I agree), Chad Henne was sacked 10 times and is still alive.  I do not know too many QBs that could get sacked 10 times and not throw in the white towel.  Much like week 1, this loss cannot be on Chad too much.  Most of his throws should have been caught.  When he had time, he delivered good passes (Marcedes Lewis TD).  I lost count of the drops the offense had because I was trying to keep up with the number of sacks the Redskins defense was getting.  Do you want the franchise QB to go through this punishment now and get an unwanted injury?

@AlfieBCC tweeted out a comment that I agree with, “When the other team has ZERO FEAR of you beating them when they send 5+ rushers every down, the offensive line is not the issue.”

He is right.  There is no fear that Chad Henne was going to beat them downfield.  So the Redskins just kept coming and dialing up all the blitzes you could think of.  Not scared of the QB and definitely not scared of the young WR corps.  Washington’s game plan from the beginning was to make the Jags beat us with the passing game and we will stop the run.  The Redskins succeeded.

We will see what happens this week in the soap opera that is the quarterback position.  This Jaguars team does not look like a new and improved team we were hoping to see.  Let’s put the young kid in and have the “race to maturity” start with him.

If you like, or even dislike, what you read here, leave a comment so we can discuss.  I want this blog to be interactive and I want to hear your thoughts.



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