Blake’s Mistakes Takes the Cake as Jags Lose

First reaction

Another rough day for the Jaguars rookie quarterback against the Miami Dolphins.  Blake Bortles threw his now customary two interceptions today.  They were both returned for touchdowns and, in the end, was the difference in the game.  He also had a fumble that led to a Miami field goal.

Fans in Jacksonville have every reason to be upset.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on how they feel about the team and what the issues are with the team.  I can say this….the issue is NOT the defense.

The defense gave up 13 points today along with an interception (in the end zone) and three sacks on the day.

What we liked

  1. DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE — this is not an issue with this team.  Even with the loss of POZ & Branch, the unit really showed up.  JT Thomas had six tackles, a pass break-up and an interception in replacing Posluszny at middle linebacker.  Defensive end Ryan Davis, replacing Andre Branch, had two sacks and three quarterback hits.  As a unit, three sacks and seven quarterback hits.  Keep this up and the team will be in a lot of games.
  2. Denard Robinson — Everyone was wondering if his 127 yard game against Cleveland was a fluke….guess not.  He finished with 18 carries for 108 yards this week and the running game as a whole finished with 176 yards averaging 5.9 yards per carry.  Robinson is the starter ladies and gentlemen.  I am happy to see that we have a running back that wants the job and is showing what he can do.

What we hated

  1. Blake Bortles — What else needs to be said.  The “rookie mistakes” will be used, again, to explain this but when does that stop.  The good in his play does outweigh the bad (unlike Blaine) it’s just the 3 HUGE mistakes he made this game turned into 17 points.  That is a killer.  He will grow from it and hopefully does not start over focusing on the negative.
  2. Kicking game — The one unit we never had to worry about, all of a sudden, is what we need to fix quick.  That line has allowed 3 kicks this season to be blocked, including one today.  Another kick had a holding penalty and took three points off of the board.  This is easy stuff here and needs to be taken care of ASAP.

In closing (so proper)

Jaguars 27-13 loss today was really on one person’s shoulders and he knows it.  He will grow from it and the team will get better.

As a fan, I know we are going to lose more games this year.  That is ok.  If you thought we were going to win 10 games this year, good for you.  I, personally, pegged us for 4-12 and that was more based on the fact that I thought Henne would start most of the season.  As long as you see the steps moving forward, and they are, I think the final product is going to be great.

I am just glad we are not using the term “rebuilding” anymore.  Anyone else notice?

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