48 hours later — a recap

Jaguars lost the Bengals 33-23 this past Sunday.  I wanted to wait because I wanted to read all the message boars and fan reaction before I voiced my opinion.  Here we go.

I want everyone to look at last years team.  They were 1-8 also.  There is a big difference that I noticed which is going to assist my point of growth and improvement.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were down 19-3 with 10:33 left in the 3rd quarter.  Yes, 19-3.  You know what I saw out the Jaguars when this happened?  Fight.

Tell me right now every single one of you thought the game was over.  I know 75% of you did.  All I wanted was an answer to their touchdown.  Last year’s team would have not come back from this.  Last year’s team did not have the talent to keep up with an offense like this.  No, I will not say they would have packed it in because I don’t feel any NFL team does that.  No matter what a lot of these “negative neds” like to say, i don’t believe in it.

Again, I do believe that this team last year did not have the talent to stay in this game.  That 19-3 score, with last years team, may have needed up being a 33-10 score.  So stew on that as you saw the team answer immediately (3 plays, 64 yards in 57 seconds) to make the score 19-10.

Bengals scored at the beginning of the 4th quarter to make it 26-10.  Again, this is the time when that 75% of Jag nation probably hung it up.  What happened?  Jaguars immediately answer the score on the ensuing drive to make the score 26-16 and then on the Bengals next possession get an interception from J.T. Thomas III and take it in two plays later to make the score 26-23.

We know how the game ends.  Next drive, after a kick out of bounds (really Scobee???) Bengals rookie running back Jeremy Hill took the hand of and went 60 yards for the final score of the game to make it 33-23.

What we liked

  1. The fight — down by 16 on two occasions, the Jaguars scored touchdowns on the very next drive.  At one time the score was within 3 with the momentum on the Jaguars side.  We are being more competitive
  2. Run game is still going — “D-Rob” finished with 94 yards on 17 carries (5.5 yards per).  The 2nd half of the game dictated getting away from the running game or it would have been more.  Even Gerhart looked good running over people.  Looks like his foot is healthy and will be a good back-up (for how much?)
  3. O-Line is looking good — They look good with the running game (over 300 yards in the last 3 games) and the pass protection is coming along.

What we didn’t like

  1. Another Bortles interception — to me, it looked like he was trying to throw it away off of his back foot.  I don’t think he is that ridiculous to throw into triple coverage…..is he?  It was in a key situation and that is what needs to stop.
  2. Punting game — or lack there of?  Two blocked punts on results in a safety just before halftime.  Please fix this before Sunday.  We don’t want our kicking game to look poor in a proper football stadium.
  3. Away game record — in the last three years (including this year and London) the Jags are 4-18 .  “Change is coming” and of course we would like to see it now.  A competitive team is showing itself and this figure will change.

Rest of the week and who to follow

For the rest of the week I will be in London — yes for the game and yes for pleasure.  I am going to give you a list of people to follow on twitter to keep up with everything Jaguars.  Obviously follow me @Jaguars360 as I will be tweeting for the weekend during Jag festivities I can get to.  Here are a couple of others worth noting:

  • @Jags_Nutshell
  • @woz1967
  • @BigCatCountry
  • @BCB_UK
  • @BurySaints
  • @NFL_UK



I am going to use them for the story when I get back (that is the 15th) — I will have some of mine from the pre-game and game.  For all those going, have fun and if I see you, I will be more than happy to share a pint.  GO JAGUARS!

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