Jaguars vs Giants Preview

Let me first apologize.  As a fan, I absolutely love this team and do understand my responsibility to write for this page.  With that being said, I was not happy with the results of the Colts game and did not want to write anything ridiculous.  Here is my quick recap of the game:

”  Jags lost. ”

Ok.  On to this weeks game

What I want to see as a Jaguars fan

  • More Marcedes — Tight End Marcedes Lewis had one catch last week in his return last week.  Need to see more and I am not talking about two (I sensed the sarcasm).  He is a sure handed (right?)  security blanket for the struggling Blake Bortles — lets actually use him.  Look for around 4-5 catches for Lewis and hopefully a touchdown
  • More D-Robinson and the running game — RB Toby Gerhart had 31 yards on 4 carries and D-Rob only had 14 carries for 25 yards.  The least productive he has been since taking over.  This running game needs to get going early and often and especially with how the passing game, or lack there of, has been working out.  Also, the Giant’s rushing defense is ranked #31 in the league…..expect a lot of running.
  • Trick plays — It is not that I want them but more like I am expecting them this week.  The offense has just flat out stunk.  No sugar-coating here and they need a jump start.  Do not be surprised if there is an early trick play whether special teams related or on offense.  A spark is needed and I feel that spark will be attempted early.
  • The same defense as last week — Three turnovers and five sacks are great.  Flying around the ball is great.  That effort can be sustained when the offensive side of the ball stays on the field for longer.  The “bend don’t break” effort that held the Colts to three field goals on some of those drives were key.  The one truly poor defensive play was the long touchdown to Hilton but that is something that will happen.  Keep up the effort.
  • Eli Manning on his @$$ — After the defensive effort last week, I cannot wait to see it against ‘Eli the Turrible’.  There is no way he is going to have the game (half) he did last week for two weeks in a row.  Jacksonville has 33 sacks on the year (ranked 3rd in the NFL) and I fully expect them to have 38 by the end of tomorrow’s game.
  • New special teams coordinator??? — I am only saying what most of you are thinking.  The kicking game was off earlier in the year.  there have been two blocked punts and two blocked field goals.  Last week, a guy who had not played in an NFL game in over a year averaged 32 yards on kickoff returns.  how do they say it……”Come on, MAN!”
  • Teal jerseys and white pants — yes, I am a uniform guy and this combo just looks awesome.  We can work on the helmets at a later date but give me the teal jerseys some time soon.
  • Bortles to Lee — I want to see it and I want it a lot.  Last week’s 37 yard pass play was a sign of things to come.  You saw the burst out of Lee and do not give me the “Colt’s were playing off and it did not matter”.  Not hearing it.  Jaguars score a touchdown and it is back to a two possession game.  It was a good play and I hope to see more out of the combination.

Can they win again

A lot of people….I mean a lot of people do not expect Jacksonville to win another game the rest of the season and start working on some of the offers for the first pick in the draft.  I feel as though we will win at least one, maybe two.  One of which is against the Giants.

The Giants game is a big step in the growth process.  The Jags have not had a home game since October 26th.  Being home will be good for them.  The friendly confines and home atmosphere may just be what this team needs.  I know, I know.  Some of you will preach to no end that bad teams have no advantage at all but I completely disagree.

This teams need this and they need it now.  They need this home game against a not-so-good Giants team.  They need the boost of confidence to finish out these last five games.  If they were to have it, they need it now.  Three of the last five games are divisional games and they want to finish off with a good taste in their mouth.  Of course they do.  And it starts against the Giants.

Setting the match-ups

The last time the Jaguars played a 31st ranked rushing defense, they won (Cleveland).  The rushing game needs to be on point and should set up the play-action pass to get that going in a positive direction.

If the same defense shows up as last week, this can make for a good game for Jacksonville.  Can you imagine the same start (1st quarter only) last week happening at home tomorrow.  No one will be sitting down — and I hope all the people complain about it — and the fans will be rocking Everbank Field.  The Giants will have no idea what hit them and they will not recover from that.

With that being said, If the Giants start off this week as they started off the last game — 21 points in the first half — I don’t think Jacksonville has the offense to come back.  There may be a small chance since there are only two teams that allow more yards per game on defense than Jacksonville and one of them is the Giants (Falcons are the other) but don’t count on it.

The offense is decent ranking 11th in the league in passing and being ranked 21st in the running game and facing a Jacksonville team that is ranked as the following:

  • Offense — 27th in passing ; 23rd in rushing
  • Defense — 27th in passing; 28th in rushing

Numbers like the above show you why Jacksonville is 1-10 this year.

So here we go.  Ever the optimist, I think the home team will give the home crowd something to cheer for.  Here are my predictions for the game:

  1. Denard Robinson runs for 100 yards — the Giant’s run defense is horrible and this will happen.
  2. Blake Bortles stats will not be junk stats — Asking a lot, right?  With  the run game established, I think his passing will be more strategic and well thought out by OC Jedd Fisch.  Look for his 200 yard passing game and not 150 in the 4th quarter.
  3. Eli Manning will get one long touchdown pass — Jaguars give up, lately, one huge touchdown a game.  This game will be nothing new.
  4. We will see the windmill — DE Andre Branch is back and you know you will see it.  I am voting for it to be after at least one sack

They say defenses wins championships.  Well, Jacksonville is not going to win a championship this year but they can still win games.  Like I said earlier, I think the Jags have been looking forward to this game.  Being back home and playing at the bank.  I am picking the home team based on the defensive showing from last weak and the fact I feel the Jaguars offense will have a big day.

Jacksonville 24, Giants 21


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