Jaguars vs Texans Preview

He is here.  The best player in the NFL, in my opinion…and many others, will be hanging out in Everbank Field for about three and a half hours today.

That is right, Blake Bortles will be making his 8th start today against the Houston Texans at 1:00 PM EST.

Oh, and J.J. Watt is expected to play also.

What I want to see

Today’s divisional game is not for a playoff spot, at least not for the Jaguars.  Houston may have an outside shot so hopefully the Jags can play spoiler.  We have the most dominate player in the NFL in town and the goal will to keep his name from being called.  J.J. Watt is a beast.  He will make some plays.  The Jaguars just need to try and minimize the big plays as most of his plays seem to end with him in the end zone whether on offense or defense.  Here is what needs to happen for a Jaguar win today:

  1. Find J.J. — Find him, triple team him or duct tape him to the 50-yard line.  I don’t care how you do it, just keep him away from the play side of the field.  Whatever it takes to keep him from being the human highlight film on ESPN today will be great.  At least he will not be positioned across from Luke Jo….oh wait.
  2. Quick screens and flat passes — I have a feeling you will see a lot of this today so don’t start yelling that the ball is not going down the field more than 10 yards.  To stop an aggressive defense, and player, you need to catch them being overly aggressive.  Screens should help with this and then the passes to your running backs out of the back field should have them pursuing the play a little more and hopefully get them tired.
  3. PROTECT THE QUARTERBACK — Just a thought, although if Blake getting sacked 7 times like last week also gives us a win…….but seriously.  Last week’s performance on offense is not what you want to see.  It is a momentum killer and can lead to multiple turnovers.  Protect Blake so that he can play the whole game.
  4. Get to their quarterback — Ryan Fitzpatrick had 6 touchdown passes last week.  6!  We know if he gets hit, just like Eli, he can get rattled.  Get to him early and often and let’s see if we can get him to throw 6 interceptions this week.
  5. Stay dominate defense — If the defense does what it did last week, we win.  Realistically, you really cannot expect your defense to score 14 points a game.  Keep the pressure up, cause turnovers and lets see the offense “do their job”
  6. More Marqise Lee — If he can have last weeks game for the next 4 games, all of Jacksonville will be happy.  It continues today.  Get him the ball and let him run.
  7. Dear running game, please show up — Blake Bortles led the team in rushing last week.  Most of those yards came on the game winning drive.  Hopefully the offense can get this part going.  Helps with play action and can help get the receivers the ball deep.

Jacksonville can do this.  Jacksonville can win this game if the above things happen and we get a little luck (I hate that word).  Just don’ let J.J. Watt be the difference, that is all I am asking.

Salute the troops

As a veteran, this is my favorite game of the year as a fan.  Although the Jaguars and the organization already do quite a bit with and for the military community in Jacksonville, this game is just a bit more.  High-5 a any military person you see and give a resounding Go Jags.  I thank all military and veteran’s and their families for the sacrifice they make to allow us to complain about our country 24-7.

One more thing I want to see

Last weeks game was awesome.  It was probably one of the most fun and exciting games I have been at in a couple of seasons (can anyone say Josh Scobee 59-yard field goal???).

One of my favorite parts of last weeks game was the fans.  Down 21-3 at half-time, the seats were still full.  The fans were into it.  Then it began.  Each time a play went the Jaguars way, the excitement grew.  I know everyone had a great time last week.  I can’t wait to share the excitement again.  The stadium last week was CRAZY LOUD and I hope to help make it that loud again.  Let’s do this fans!


I am an optimist.  I always think the Jaguars will win.  This week I am picking Jacksonville again.

I do not think Ryan Fitzpatrick can have two games in a row where he plays that great.  I think it will hurt the Texans just for this reason.  They have a decent running game (pure sarcasm, they are ranked 4th in the league in rushing offense) but they cannot stay one dimensional and win this game.

With that being said, their passing defense is horrible and ranked 30th in the league.  I think Bortles has his rookie season moment in this game.  No, you are not going to see 65-yard go routes being done every drive.  I do feel he will have time to get into a rhythm and have his best game of the season even with J.J. Watt coming after him.  If Bortles can have the same number of turnovers as last week, I think we are in this game for the long haul.

Jacksonville 21, Houston 20


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