Defense looks good in Jaguars loss

Another game, another similar story.  Jaguars defense keeps team in game, but offense cannot score enough points to win.

After a disastrous start eerily similar to the game on the same field the day before, the first score of the game came of a blocked punt of P Bryan Anger and the Ravens returned for a touchdown.  (Army blocked a Navy punt for a touchdown the day before)

The frustrating part about this weeks game is the offense had the ball in the redzone a number of times.  But time and time again, they had to settle for field goals.

Josh Scobee had, what seemed to me, a career day in field goal distance as he went 4/5 with Field goals of 53, 45, 53 & 45-yards on the day.  accounted for all the points for the offense for the third time this season (Week 5 vs. Steelers & Week 12 vs. Colts).

The defense wasn’t their usual self but still did a great job.  They held a hot Baltimore team to 13 points and only and 93 yards on the ground on 26 carries.  They were held with out a sack but got enough pressure to keep QB Joe Flacco on his toes.  The secondary did a decent job of keeping the big plays to a minimum as the longest pass play was only 29-yards long.

Story of the day

The lack of offense.  There are a lot of directions to point the fingers.  Since there are so many, lets address them in no particular order

  • Sacks allowed — The Baltimore Ravens had 8 sacks.  Who to blame is not the important — not yet, at least.  The important fact is that it happened and it happened at key times.  See Jacksonville’s third drive when it was 2nd and goal from the 8-yard line and had to kick a field goal on 4th and 27.
  • Bortles performance — looking at the numbers, 21-for-37 and 210, was a pedestrian game.  The one interception was a junk-time last second throw at the end of the game so not important.  What you saw was great passes followed by throws you and I could make.  Some of the throws were overthrown and just off.  Not his best game at all.  It didn’t help that…….
  • …..receivers dropped passes…AGAIN! — Jaguars receivers have dropped 24 passes this season going into yesterday’s game. According to that website we are 5th in the league (the top 4 all have really good offenses.  This team can’t afford any drops at all.
  • Running game…kind of — Should we, as fans, be upset at averaging 3.6 yards per carry?  If you did that 3 plays in a row with that average, it is a first down, right.  This has been a touchy subject all year and yesterday would have been nice to get back on the horse but being down and trying to find a way back into the game took a lot away from the running backs yesterday.
  • Special teams protection — ummm, well….this has been an issue….enough on that subject.

Is the offensive coordinator the problem

Okay, okay…I heard the resounding “YES!”

I am in the minority on this one.  We have seen when the offense is in a rhythm that the play-calling can get very creative and have a lot of fun (i.e. last drive of the Ginat’s game for the win).  Against Baltimore, the overall protection sand amount of pressure on Bortles was just too much to get into a rhythm.

I hear you all when you say or put on twitter that Jedd Fisch calls a horrible game.  I just feel you cannot call the plays you want when you are not getting the protection you want.  In yesterday’s game, based on today’s press conference, it sounds like they installed a game plan to take advantage of three step drops to get the ball out of Blake’s hands.  That did not seem to work to well as the pressure was to intense and Blake put himself in positions that he should not have.

I have never coached in football.  I listen to a lot of people who have never played football talk about what kind of plays should be called and how stupid a guy who has devoted his life to the sport is.  Makes me laugh.  I feel your frustration, though.  I am tired of losing just like the rest of you.  Just focus on the growth.

WR Allen Hurns had another good game yesterday (rookie).  WR Marqise Lee has had a good couple of weeks (rookie).  WR Allen Robinson was doing great before the injury (rookie — who is still 2nd on the team in receiving yards).  Justin Blackmon comes back next year (yeah, I said it and he might as well be a rookie).

Will firing Jedd Fisch help — no.  Can he be the person everyone blames — sure, why not.

Setting up Thursday night


It is a quick turnaround this week playing on a national stage on Thursday Night Football on the NFL network.  Blake Bortles is listed as questionable with a mid-foot sprain.  He will play so all the “Henne will be good to see” talk can stop.  This kid deserves this stage because they are going to lint the Titans up.  Calling it right now.

We will have the preview in a couple of days

Stat of the week

The last time the Jags won three home games in a season was 2011 — they won 4 that season finishing with a 5-11 mark

Follow me

Twitter handle is @Jaguars360.  I interact with fans and talk about a lot of the things discussed in the article along with tweeting during games.  Drop a line if you have any feedback.

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