Jaguars Vs Titans Preview

” A person is born with feelings of envy and hate. If he gives way to them, they will lead him to violence and crime, and any sense of loyalty and good faith will be abandoned.”  ~ Xun Zi

I like the above quote.  I truly feel this quote speaks to me.  It speaks to me on so many levels….but not tonight.  I am not saying my hate for the Titans will lead me to do something crazy.  I just want it to be know that I really, really HATE the Titans.

Not a better team to end the home season with than a bitter rival.  I went to Navy.  I know how it is to end a season to a bitter rival that all you really care about is that one game (Navy won it’s 13th in a row this past Saturday — #BeatArmy).  In the case of the Jaguars, there are two games a year against the Titans and I want to ensure from here on out that we automatically have 2 wins a year.

What we learned last time

Both teams are not very good.

The final was 16-14 and it almost seemed like no one really wanted to win the game.  Jacksonville scored a touchdown on a 20-yard pass from Bortles to TE Clay Harbor to get within two points.  The Jaguars attempted an onside kick that was successful and drove the ball as quickly as they could.  The Jags got into position for a 58-yard field goal attempt but it was blocked and the game ended on that.

How are the teams feeling?

I do not want to actually use the word revenge.  Can I say retribution?  Probably not, right?

The goal for the Jacksonville Jaguars this evening is to show the NFL, and the nation, that they are NOT the worst team in the league.  I think it is important to go into tonight with the same passion as if the playoffs were on the line (stop laughing!).  You can go into this game with the idea that this could lead to a positive going into next week versus a dealing Texans who are going to be playing a 12th string quarterback.  If you can string two-in-a-row to finish the season, that will be strong.  Just one thing — you have to win the first one.

Tennessee is coming in on an 8-game losing streak.  I personally think that it could not happen to a better team.  They are bad.  They are playing to finish the season and not with a sense of purpose.  This is a perfect scenario for a blowout loss.

Our beloved Jaguars are coming in having won 1 of their last 3 (that is a positive spin on a 2-win season) and with a lot to prove.  They are looking up with a very young team and ready to show off.  It is a nationally televised game and it is at “The Bank”.  The last home game of the season.  The organization is excited, the city is excited and most of all the fans are excited (see twitter).

What to expect

A win!

Based on the “expert” analysis above, one team is coming in ready to play in front of a huge audience and the other is ready for the season to end.

My money is on the team that will play together and not for that extra sack for a bonus.

The Jacksonville defense will be able to keep the Titan offense in check with a team that is 27th in the league in rushing (86.4-yards per game).  This will make Tennessee try to be a one-sided offense and this should allow for the front 7 of the Jaguar defense to really have a field day.

The Titans defense is not any better than their offense.  Their defense is dead last in rushing allowing 139.6-yards per game.  The question is can the Jaguars take advantage of it?

To ensure a win, the Jags will need to establish the run early and often.  You hear this all the time but it is important this evening.  If you cannot run against the worst in the league…….not saying anymore.

Random set of bullets that I am predicting

Here are a list of items that I feel will happen tonight and help us to win the game:

  1. Blake Bortles will ACTUALLY have his breakout game — Throwing the ball!  I am thinking he will go for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns and have some good yardage on the ground.
  2. Running backs hit 100+ yards — the Titans are ranked 32nd……it will happen and hopefully with just one person.  Maybe Toby can prove all his doubters wrong
  3. Marqise Lee has 100-yards receiving — this is more hope than anything.  I am predicting a long touchdown pass to him, too…like 65-yards.
  4. Defense will have 4 sacks…. — it is not a lot but that is the minimum I expect them to have.
  5. ….and 3 turnovers — this will happen because the Titans are bad.  As bad as the Jaguars have been at times this season.
  6. One trick play that will make you laugh — have not seen one this year that makes you smile — expect one on national Television
  7. The offensive line will not give up a sack*** — ummmmm…this is from my cousin who travelled down from Virginia to see the game.

Tell me the score, Chris

I thought you would never…uh…ask?

Jaguars 41, Titans 10


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