Jaguar’s New Years Resolutions

Everyone does it. On January 1st of every year, you wake up and tell yourself “this is the year I do it”. You make your new years resolution and you set out to accomplish the goals. Most of us choose anything from weight loss and getting in shape to making more money. Others choose to do more things for others rather than themselves. What ever direction you choose, we all pick something and begin the new year trying to make it happen.

The front office, coaches and players are no different. They want to make 2015 the best year they have had personally and when it comes to the Jaguars. Some individuals are in contract years, others are hoping to remain with the team and there are those that look to grow even more in their young careers. So here is a list of new year’s resolutions I came up with for some of our favorite Jaguars:

  • Sen’Derrick MarksGet healthy. – Really a no-brainer. The Jaguars 2014 MVP suffered a torn ACL in the final game of the season. TAKE YOUR TIME!
  • Blake Bortles – I will learn the new playbook. – I am not saying there is any pressure on the, now 2nd year QB…I am just saying this offense will go as far as he goes and as far as he learns and develops. I expect a new offensive coordinator to be named soon and when they are, Bortles better be on him like snow in the north pole.
  • Owner Shahid KhanI will build (on) something cool. – Doesn’t it seem like every year something is being built/upgraded since he has taken over. I am not sure if anything will actually be built this year but I know work is being done on the idea for the Shipyards and they are looking at funding for the club seats area. When is the practice bubble coming?
  • GM Dave CaldwellI promise to draft players for depth. – More intended for humor, the first two years of the Caldwell/Bradley era has seen a total of 17 draft picks and 11 of them can be considered starters. We are not at the point of this but it would be nice to get to this point sooner than later.
  • Denard Robinson, Toby Gerhart and Co. – We will be better in 2015. – D-Rob led the team with 582 yards rushing and the group as a whole rushed for just over 1600 yards. Taking Bortles’ stats out, they also averaged 3.99 yards a carry which means they rand for 1st downs and controlled the game, right? No. They need to and please score more than 9 rushing TD.
  • Wide Receivers/Tight EndsPromise to put in extra time to eliminate drops. – The funny thing about this one, the drops, especially at key times, were actually veterans. It is going to be fun to watch Hurns, Lee and Robinson in the their 2nd year in the league. It will also be fun to see them learn from a veteran with experience on a winning team (cough, cough…Randall Cobb…COUGH!). They say practice makes perfect – I hope Bortles foots the bill to bring all these guys to some posh destination to get closer to perfection.
  • Colvin & McCray We will not have a sophomore slump. – Ok, McCray is a 2nd year player but played limited as a rookie. Both of these CBs look like the future starters (Gratz still plays here) if they continue to play the way they did at the end of this season. Colvin was a great pick in the 4th round and could turn into the steal of the 2014 draft. Look for both of these young guys to show you even more in 2015.
  • New Offensive CoordinatorI promise to plan plays that get the ball down the middle and downfield. – Wait…what!? What did you just say? I don’t know who you are but if this comes true, you may be the savior of the organization. Take care of our Franchise QB and get these young receivers on the same speaking level as Jimmy & Keenan and these fans will love you
  • Hit SquadWe promise to a little better in 2015. – The one position group (defensive line if you don’t know) that we were worried about turned out to be the brightest light on the team. The defense as a whole finished tied for 6th in total sacks with 45. The pressure definitely kept us in games and helped out a young defensive backfield. If they get better, this defense could show signs of another defense we have hear a lot about from Seattle.
  • Justin BlackmonI promise to get better. – We come full circle with health on this one. This kid has all the talent in the world and just needs the proper direction. We will wait for when he requests reinstatement and see when he gets back here. Dave Caldwell said it best when he called Blackmon a “luxury” if we can get him back for 2015. We cannot count on it but I know every Jags fan keeps asking “What if…”. If you are reading this Justin Blackmon – get your ass back here and become the all-pro we have seen flashes of. Come be part of something special and FYI….we actually have a QB now!


The last two years are not the years you want as a Jaguar fan. No one wants two years that add up to 7-25. The good thing is that those years are behind us. The future is literally now, to steal a cliché that we have heard for the last eight years.

There is a lot of talent on this team (FINALLY). We are at the point that this talent needs to win football games. I did not say should…I said need. As a fan, I do trust the process. Build through the draft and supplement with free agency. There are needs for this team and if we can have a good free agency period – get the right veteran pieces in – and have a draft equivalent of the last two years, the winning should be nothing but a formality and the focus is on how close we get to winning the division.


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